Conopcom is an alternative internet zone being developed in various kinds of ways as a substitute for the general World Wide Web, which is completely submerged in unfamiliar digital data and other hazards.

It is a subversive renovation to completely rebuild the internet. 

There is a thing going on in the internet world: progress with kickbacks.

The internet is well-nigh bombarded with information, and there's no pouch to put it in.

Conopcom treats background and culture as a backlog of data and information we are unacquainted with in a fight for freedom.

Undeviated data is shifted as required.

It is an arrangement that barricades people from the World Wide Web.

WWW will go into a computerized coma.

Use the World Wide Web at your own hypnotized peril.

People that communicate frequently through texting and messaging are called a widening, broadening "Electronic Prowler." They are also referred to as a "puppet prowler" because they have no corporal aspect to their existence. An even-tempered "Electronic Prowl" is not very dramatic, exciting or supreme.

At the end of the day there's ways to do anything which includes towage, haulage of social trends,.

But on the WWW you get caught out as being exploitable. Current economic behaviour is fragmented like other human actions.

Don't get yourself too comfortable on the World Wide Web because it will be gone. 

The World Wide Web has run out of room for pleasant clumsy motivation. 

There is an immense quantity of barriers and other additional negative forces to encounter.  

Conopcom intends to invert the imperial power of the modern internet which is regimental in all directions of belief.

The modern internet is a pernicious pain. Pain is a common unit of pressure in all types of flow. Conopcom aims to relieve this pressure.

Conopcom will have complete grip over the modern internet under different conditions connected with an original mass of remarkable businesses.

Our aim is to connect people, businesses and communities and other issues out of hand.

Conopcom strays from the mentorship of Facebook.

Conopcom is a digital edifice not ranked under the system of zeros and ones.

Digits are present as a boundless incongruity of useless but indestructible objects exempt from any integration of homogeneity.

In the future businesses will not advertise themselves as 'Find us on Facebook" .They will say "Find us on Conopcom".

This internet domain is being created for those that find the regular internet and social media frustrating and perplexing, and generally avoid going onto it. 

Conopcom is for those that are reluctant to have simultaneous personal purpose and restrained business motives.

Our bizarre content is intended to support the growth and recovery of the modern internet. Something to do, ask yourself.

Conopcom is being designed to strengthen and overhaul the internet.

It is created for those that are reluctant to go online, whatever their prerequisite for doing so.

Conopcom is detached from the regular internet because it is too cluttered, chaotic and confusing and without curiosity.

The World Wide Web is a junk assignment for unadventurous perfectionists.

Like WWW, in the future we will have our own gallery of products and services which are full of heritage and recognized as an exhibit.

The scale of our ambition is quite big in terms of production and power, this is our last hope.

The modern internet is becoming a mammoth farce which doesn’t seem to be regressing.

Conopcom will restrain and exorcise this farce beyond tomorrow and into the next millennium.

The internet overall is not really a vessel of innovation. The most entrepreneurial of internet companies will be reluctant to share the secret wherewithal of their success online.

Use of the Conopcom domain is prohibited unless rights and permission is given. Special conditions apply.

Web site operators pay a negotiable sum to put their website on our domain. The rate charged depends on data load and overall traffic capacity.

But we don’t outline or put emphasis on commercialism. The most important aspect of our modus operandi is mosaic diversity, which is a renowned, significant factor of western civilization.

Being an independent enclosure sealed off from the regular internet, this provides the scope for various enterprises to develop a sumptuous independence all of their own.

The sites of Conopcom are rigidly controlled. Persistent conditions apply. This regulative tradition aims to restore the contemporary internet, which has a general lack of prestige.

How Conopcom differs from WWW is that we have our own agenda, which is contained in the layout of this site.

Conopcom has semireligious ranks to guide your attention elsewhere.

On social media and video sharing sites, people can gain adoration in a flash; but notwithstanding the success, the adoration soon fades away.

Conventional social media is like participating in a languid and horrid charade. Things just get that dilapidated.

Indelible aesthetics are spontaneously articulated in other mediums than regular social media.

Regular social media is a seriously orthodox and conventional way of communicating like a battering ram, it exposes no glistening radical dimension to provoke a serious of events leading to any direct significance.

Today is the day for the beginning of the end of regular social media. We embrace a bold pandemonium which is capable of diminishing the need for it.

These are places where it is difficult to take it even further and generate fun and fulfilment from day to day.

It is sad but true that regular social media is a stagnant option for those seeking to build companionship with others.

Communications arrangements had through regular social media lack cult panache.

Regular social media is not a colossal pioneering social monument, even though people flock there in uncountable multiplicity.

Social media platforms are criticized for being shallow, transparent and tabulated.

On the regular internet, more and more there is progressive demoralization and degradation waiting for you.

This destruction and shortage of moral energy is so very vivid.

It is crucial to shut the door leading into the World Wide Web, because more and more it is becoming filled with pornographic sludge.

This affects the attitudes and conduct of younger people, and creates a turning point in their maturation process.

What is available on the internet is immense and manifold. In this case it is more or less axiomatic that you need some kind of starting point, a base which acts as a means of traversing the internet beforehand before something goes on.

The Conopcom domain provides this basis, this fundamental platform.

The mass brilliance of the internet is a permanent fixture in the lives of many in this contemporary day and age. But it needs to be renovated and restored for today's home.

On the regular internet you accumulate bad habits. It is a slump where ambitions can lose their sovereignty.

Being partitioned from the regular World Wide Web, Conopcom chiefly creates and preserves Nirvana; it is an almost irreplaceable thrill.

Conopcom is not so much an internet domain as a crusade: it is a hurricane of a crusade. It has a brilliance and fervour which is most fascinating.

We are not even on the same temporary time-span as the World Wide Web.

We believe the internet can be embraced as an elite and lavish venue. The internet can become a beautiful, big, grand technostructure in just a few clicks.

Our chief proposition is that we will be able to designate an internet experience which has nothing determinate about it other than simplicity itself.

This is connoisseurship as it should be.

This elitism creates gorgeous, enchanting wonder designed to satisfy.

Those who control opportunistic destinies control the future.

Modern folks underestimate the impediments that digital gadgets can cause.

Some people you just can’t educate, and these people become their own worst enemy.

Many people’s lifestyles are contingent upon digital devices. But this does not guarantee prosperity as a thing in itself. Use of mobile phones and tablets for non-essential purposes more often constitutes a farce of some magnitude.

Our aim is to create an environment where technological innovation rages. This innovation is accessible directly from the household. This is a fabulous embodiment of a routine getting through to you with wonder.

People on the internet wish to head to a location in cyberspace where they genuinely believe they can switch off from the carousel of normal everyday problems and issues.

In this way, logging onto the internet can be a fabulous and luxurious routine which is especially useful.

This all leads to vast beautiful spectacular prestige never ending.             

Through the Conopcom domain, all of the frustrating and unsettling experiences of the regular, real world of the internet are avoided. We aim to discard the worship of seemingly matchless reality.

Undoubtedly, all going well, if standards of efficiency and virtue are maintained, the prestige of our enterprise will loosely eclipse that of the entire World Wide Web. 

This is because on WWW, many prominent domain names are already taken or reserved; and everything is becoming congested, which is a nightmare plight, because there is no feeling of flow and space looming.

The usefulness and accessibility of the internet itself becomes near enough to being totally compromised. There is little wiggle room, or anything else mirroring a sense of freedom.

Conopcom is intended to be an autonomous, self-contained, independent internet interface which can offset this lack of freedom.

This enhanced autonomy has liberatory potential; a new way of using the internet opens up.

To remain tremendously robust, you have to put a big shield up, and isolate yourself from the outside world.

Herein we are secured from the exterior world, and everything that circulates within it.

The flagship internet protocol HTTP itself cannot be changed. The protocol ensures that going from one website to another, there is a generally smooth carry-on-through, roll-over effect.

But WWW itself, and the great frustration it causes, can easily be reconfigured and transmogrified.

For the avant-garde, maximum reconfiguration of the internet is a priority.

WWW has become the most lush and fashionable internet domain. Yet it has lost much of its spontaneity and force.

People have become so accustomed to WWW that the term is no longer used anymore. Use of the term has become blasé.

This prompts the need for a prudent response, an exodus from the World Wide Web.

The problem with WWW is that the internet was always built to be rigorously mosaicist (frameless). Yet most people restrict their use of the internet to one or two sites, such as You Tube and Facebook. This is a real tragedy, terrible, catastrophic.

Free sites and apps are fairly routine in the way they collect a drudgery of demographic data from you and traffic them to other sites.

On the conventional internet, advertisers try to take up as much possible space in every possible way.

The amount of advertisements on the regular web means that anything potentially productive is thwarted.

Advertisements and pop-ups are horrible things. They make the internet a lousy, poxy place to go.

Computer systems are great things so long as they are used the way they are supposed to be used.

On regular social media everybody tries to gain more and more friends, and the greed sets in. Greed has no boundaries, so it cannot be deflected easily.

Yet social media optimizes big troublesome activities such as bullying and disputes. This all needs to be abandoned if the internet is to be an indispensable part of the shy modern household.

You can build a world around all of the hustles which occur on the social internet.

Regular social media has big human impact which is unsafe for you because it is unjustly volatile.

Creation of the internet was a staggering milestone, but in these modern times it has become disempowered.

The degradation is due to social media. Everything on the social internet is patchy, ramshackle and lacking pertinence. Nothing really grabs you totally unbeknownst to you.

This is how trends begin: one person creates them, and others rejoice in following that trend. The rest follow in formation, and it doesn't do a damn thing.

This causes intense behavioural and cognitive changes in the individual. It is a travesty for every commoner of society characteristically seen in large numbers.

In future years, the popular posy of regular social media will not exist; it will be considered a dysfunctional destiny.

Yet at the same time, being dysfunctional has a celebratory aspect to it.

It will be a year and a half tops when the WWW will begin to slide in popularity; other domains will be in the running to either transcend or juxtapose the World Wide Web.